Tech Skills

Working with WordPress

2 Chapters 7 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

For most of us, WordPress will the website software of choice. The is training will take you from not knowing where to begin right through to be able to create beautiful websites, web pages, landing pages and blogs quickly and easily. 

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Course Structure

Getting set up 3 Lessons

Installing WordPress

Make sure you have already been through the training on getting your own website. From there it's a simple matter of installing WordPress from your C panel. Here is how to do that. 


Let's take a WordPress tour

Everything is easier when you understand the basic underlying logic. Join us as we take you on a tour of how WordPress operates. Grasp these basic concepts and everything that follows will be a whole lot easier. 


Essential Plugins

Learn what plugins are, how to install and which ones to choose. Included here is a lit of our favourites to give your page superpowers and make sure it's secure from hackers. 

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