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It is time for you to get ultra clear on exactly what that one thing is you should be focusing on right now to grow your business

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Your Path to Success Could Be One Short Phone Call Away

If you have an established business, with existing sales and expertise, but do not yet have in place an automated and scalable lead generation system, this is your opportunity to get clear and get growing!

My name is Robin Tindall and I know what it is like to be lost and directionless in the mess that is the complicated world of marketing. 

I want to share with you my clear path that will walk you from confused and frustrated to focused and successful.

On this call you will discover

  • How to stop selling and start attracting that perfect customer to you
  • How to wake up every day up to an inbox full of prospects ready to buy
  • How to build an army of sales people driving business your way, for free!
  • What to do to get the best return for your marketing efforts
  • The secret to creating a referral generating machine.
  • My exact 9 step process to marketing mastery
  • How to achieve all this in only 10 min each day

Is this just another sales pitch
 in disguise?

A savvy shopper does not buy anything with out first liking and trusting who they will be doing business with. This 30min call gives me an opportunity to make a massive impact in your business. It also gives you the opportunity to see if I am the right person for you and your business. I guarantee I will give you something you can implement in your business right away. I will also only invite you into the Lead Genius world if I feel we are a good match and if I know I can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. 

Lead Genius has enabled us to focus on what is working and amplify just that for amazing results. We no longer need to worry about where our next customer is coming from. We can rather focus on offering great service.

Anna Olson 

MD, Nutricore

I spent my life hounding my sales team to follow up on leads, leads that cost me dearly to acquire. They hated it and I hated it. Lead Genius now does it all for us.  My sales guys now just close deals. Our sales have gone through the roof and I no longer have to moan at my team and they are earning more commission than ever before. Amazing. 

Marc Jacobs

ASales Manager, Safety Systems

Let's book your one on one
Strategy session

Lets get clear on the one thing you should be focused on for your business success right now