March 31

Having a growing database is one of the best predictors of business success.


What are the perks of having an ‘audience database’? This allows you to have access to past, present and prospecting customers. This is pivotal to the success, balance and growth of your business.

1.What is an 'audience database?'

An ‘audience database’ is a business’s data collection of contact details of past, present and prospecting customers. This information can be used as a much cheaper method to market your business to existing customers and prospects, instead of searching for new clientele.

A brilliant and easy way of capturing this information is using a spreadsheet. First name, surname, email address and most importantly, a contact number. If you do not have an audience database, then why not start one? It is in your best interest that you have a list with easily accessible contact details that you can use.

2. The importance and effects of having an audience database.

It is essential that with whom you come into contact with, that shows any remote interest in your expertise, that you devise a way of collecting their details. This can be a business card or a simple exchange of scrap paper with one another’s details on it . This method will have the same effect as that of a database. 

Regarding your website, what are you doing to entice visitors to start a conversation with you.  A simple process of filling out a form where viewers receive something; in return they voluntarily give over their first name/surname, email address and maybe a cell phone number.

3.How to use this data effectively.

There are many ways you can use this information to enhance your business’s performance and maintaining balance. It can be as simple as talking to those people on a regular basis. How about compiling a mailing list that you can send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletters. It is very important to have that audience database.

A useful tool you can use is ‘Facebook tracking pixel’ that tracks everybody who visits or has visited your website on Facebook. This presents you with an opportunity to reach those people within your target market and allows you to convert them into your audience database.

You should not be spending large sums of money on advertising aimed at bringing in new people. Go after the low-hanging fruit, people who already know and like you. Look on your digital and hard copy platforms to see if you can compile a well formatted list, if you do not have one already. Use this list by uploading it into MailChimp (very useful) or any other mailing or SMS programs and start talking to them. That alone can add 30% to your business straight away within the next week! If you’re looking for quick business that's where you start. 

Start this exercise, gather details, build a community and communicate to your audience database. Make sure that you're part of their lives and you're talking about something that's of interest to them and its related to business.


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