How to get your customers to be repeat customers 

 February 23, 2021

By  Robin Tindall

Give customers want they want, in other words solve the problem they have and they will be happy. But once the problem is solved how do you go about getting repeat customers?

The key word is reliability. Customers want their problem solved. If their roof is leaking they will want it fixed. But they all also want a service provider who is reliable, who is someone they can count on and trust.

That means is being honest, helpful, and delivering what you set out to do.

That’s how you build a brand.

A brand is just delivering on what you promise to do. Over and over and over. A brand is a fancy word for your your reputation.

And you can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. If you repeatedly show that you’re reliable, dependable and that people can communicate with you, they’ll want to come back again and again.

The only problem is that reputation can take a long time to build, so you need to find ways to continually build on that reputation.

Every interaction point is a chance to build your reputation. Every email, call, quote or meeting is a chance to enhance your reputation, your brand.

To do that effectively we need a central theme around which we can build a brand. I like to think that at the centre of my brand is "understanding". I like my customers to understand the big picture of marketing so they know where all the parts fit. I like them to understand why we do things and understand how we do things. 

So everything I do is designed to say "Robin makes things easy to understand".

What do you want to be relied on for? What do your customers want to rely on you for? What kind of benefit or cause or emotion do they turn to you for?

This is how you build repeat business.

If you are confused or overwhelmed with how to market your business, turn to Robin because he makes it easy to understand what you should be doing, why and how. Every time someone is confused or lost with marketing, my brand reputation means they cannot help but turn to me to understand what to do. I can be relied upon to make things easy to understand.

If you understand what is at the centre of your business by asking why-why-why? Over and over. You’ll discover what your customer come to rely on you for.

Robin Tindall

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