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Follow these 9 steps for marketing success – my secrets revealed



Here at Lead Genius, we operate on a special methodology, using techniques to enhance your business structure and guarantee marketing success.

In this video you’ll learn these 9 steps:


  1. Get Clear 
  2.  Perfect Customer
  3.  Secret Sauce
  4.  Lead Magnet
  5.  Credibility Creator
  6.  Create a Customer
  7.  Match and Migrate
  8.  Amplify
  9.  Choose Champions

These 9 steps are broken into 3 phases, the Planning, Action & Growth phases. All of these steps make up a three by three graph.

There is a particular methodology that is used at Lead Genius, but our core focus is on the application of that methodology.

There are 9 steps to this strategy and these are arranged into 3 key phases: the planning, action & growth phases.

Planning Phase

1. Get Clear! 

Get clarity on your vision and what you want from your business. A good question to ask yourself would be, ‘What is it you want from life or where do you see yourself in 4 years?’

It is essential to have a clear vision on what you desire. What you also need to contemplate on is what your business’s function is.

You could be providing a service but you’re actually solving a problem that somebody has. It’s important that you know what that difficulty is.

2. The perfect customer

In every business, it’s key to understand your customers. Every business has something called a “customer avatar“.

Ask yourself, ‘Who you want to be doing business with and who is attracted by what you provide/offer?

Define that person and get to know them inside and out. Think of exactly who it is that you want to be doing business with.

3. Secret Sauce

What is it that makes you different from other firms who are in the same niche? What is it that makes you unique and stand out among your competition?

If you think it’s your customer service or having cheaper prices, you're wrong! There has to be something specific that's relatable to your target audience that only you can provide.

Action Phase

4. Lead Magnet

The first one of the action phase is creating a magnet, something that draws customers to you.

This could be a promotion on your website where you give away something in exchange for the contact details of that person. In a real-world setting it is what you’re using to draw customers to your store with.

5. Credibility Creator

The lead magnet is what brings customers to you, and the ‘credibility creator’ is where you get to show them your capabilities and whether you are the right person to resolve their problem.

This is where you can brag a little bit by presenting your abilities and your understanding of the issue the customer has.

6. Create a Customer

This is where the transaction happens: be ready to convert your customer.

You must have a strategy to bring the conversation to a point where they have to take a piss or get off the pot (Decision time)! Be prepared in order for things to translate from a negotiation to a transaction smoothly. 

Growth Phase

7. Match & Migrate

Now that you have a customer, you have already matched them correctly to the product or service that you offer that’ll solve their problem.

Once you've done that you need to match them to the next product or service that you offer in order for you to migrate them through your business.

This strategy helps customers receive the best value out of all the services you offer and you get the best value for money from that client. Grow that client rather then having to find new ones.

8. Amplify

If you've been monitoring your business, you will have discovered what works to attract customers. 

You have figured out what works as a credibility creator and you understand what to do to convert customers into loyal clients. Now you need to amplify what works and discard what doesn't!

A great analogy to refer to is, your business should be like and ATM and not a gambling machine. Always know exactly what you are going to gain from spending.

Use Facebook as an example. If you’re spending R1000 on a Facebook advert, you know that it'll generate R10000 in return.

Know your numbers, amplify what works and stop gambling.

9. Choose Champions

The final step! Once you have customers who love what you do, it’s time to recruit these people to become your sales personnel! 

I'm talking about a referral system, but in a very structured format. Coach and show your raving fans how they can help you by attracting others to your business to share the same experience they had.

Choose, recruit, work and help your loyal customers grow your business and reciprocate in return.

You will see fantastic success!


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