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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Have you been retrenched?
  • Is your brick and mortar business just not working any more?
  • Do you need to supplement your income to make ends meet?
  • Job hunting but no one is hiring?
  • Tired of commuting every day?
  • Does your boss suck?
  • Do you hate having to ask for leave?

The traditional economy is in the toilet. How we have done things for the past 20 years is just not working any more. Businesses are struggling to earn enough money to stay afloat. Retrenchments are common place. Business are going bankrupt at a faster rate than ever before. The cost of living just keeps on rising while our ability to earn money seems to be reducing just as fast.

Looking for a job is a depressing exercise. You are either over qualified, under qualified, lacking experience, the wrong gender or skin colour. Companies are just not hiring. In fact they are downsizing as they fight for their own survival. 

If you are lucky enough to have a job, it likely means dealing with a boss who just plain sucks. It means commuting to work, waisting hours of your life in traffic. It means someone else owns your time. You have to clock in and clock out and get someone else's permission if you want to take a few days holiday with your family. A salary raise is more rare than an honest politician. Climbing the corporate ladder is more politics than performance. 

Here is the good news!

There a few hard facts we can use to our advantage.

  • There are still billions of people on this planet who need food, shelter, transport, education, entertainment, medical care, employment, clothing, equipment, experts, guidance, therapy, computers, software, new skills and the list goes on and on. 
  • Every day billions and billions of dollars change hands. In a bull economy it could be a few dollars more and in a down economy it's a few dollars less, but every day billions of dollars are still flying around. 
  • The pandemic has not stopped people from needing things. Maybe they need less of some things, like restaurants but they still need to eat. They still have a desire to entertain and see friends. How they get the things they need has changed, but the need is still there.
  • The pandemic has radically accelerated the transition from a traditional, in person economy to a digital economy. Never before have so many sourced so much completely online. The online world cannot keep up with the demand. Where there is a need there is an opportunity. 

Introducing the programme that Shows you how to

How to earn your first grand online

  • In One Month
  • Without having an audience
  • With zero budget
  • With no tech skills

This programme has been put together to show you how to transition to making money in the digital economy. The digital economy lets you earn money 24hrs a day from anywhere in the world. We will show you the exact steps that are needed to create a product, find a market to sell it to online, with out leaving your home or spending a cent. 

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

By the end of this programme you will either have (if you do the exercises as you go) or now how to earn your first grand online within 1 month. Thats a 10x return on investment. 

Immediate access

No drip feeding of content, you get access to everything right away. 

Lifetime access

Pay once, but have access for ever. This programme will be regularly updated and enhanced. 

Easy to digest content

The 15 lessons are short and easy to understand implement. Learn and implement FAST!

Here’s what people are saying about this programme.

This course is brand new and only just been launched so there is no one to give any feed back (yet). But if you enroll, and you earn your first grand online you could get your name up in lights right here. As an added bonus, if you send me a review I'll post it, just like the ones below and provide a direct link to your website, Facebook page, Instagram account or wherever you are selling. That way you can earn your SECOND grand online.

Ivana Earn

Fictional Character

I am a stock photography model 

I don't exist. But If I did I would definitely enroll in the programme. Who doesn't want to earn online? The freedom would be magnificent. I would be living the dream 

Eag Ertolearn

Hotel Manager

I am not a real person

If I was a real person I would have been retrenched by now. Who needs a hotel manager when everyone is on lock down? No question I would be stoked to learn how to earn online. 

Mark Mywords


As a futurist I can see the future

If you don't transition to the digital economy you will be left behind. There is no going back. The future is now and now is earning online. The future drivers of our economies will only work, purchase and trade online. PS I am also made up. 

What's inside the programme?


Module 1: Strategy before Tactics

In the his book "The Art of War" Sun Tzu said tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. In this module we devise the strategy that will guide our choices and decisions. We don't want to be selling ice to eskimos, we want to be selling ice cream on the hottest day of summer. 


Module 2: ASK

This is step 1 in the ASK, CREATE SELL methodology. Knowing who to ask and what to ask means we can collect the information we need to build a business that will go far beyond earning a grand online. It is the foundation for building a sustainable and scalable online business. 


Module 3: CREATE

The 3 lessons in the CREATE module will take you from guessing, experimenting and wasting money trying to come up with a business idea with no idea if anyone will buy it. To creating that no fail product that has a hungry market eager to buy from you/ 


Module 4: SELL

Selling is easy if you know how. In lesson 1 we unpack how to attract a market to you with spending a cent on advertising. In lesson 2 we learn how to transition the "tyre kickers" into eager buyers. In lesson 3 we take a look at how to "close the deal".



All the worksheets, copy, emails, and spread sheets you need to get going fast. Download them and personalise them to make them yours. This is all about earning your 1st grand online in 1 month so there is no time to waste. These downloads give you everything you need. 

About The Course Teacher, Robin Tindall

Everything Robin knows about marketing comes from the many years of creating his own businesses. Ever hungry for knowledge, Robin is constantly researching, studying, and applying the latest marketing best practices. Being a business owner, just like you, Robin distills all he discovers into practical and easy to implement steps. For something to be useful it must be practical.

Robin is a passionate sportsman. He knows that success comes from having a goal, following a programme, and showing up at training day after day. He applies these principles to business and looks for the same virtues in those he works with. 

Here’s what people are saying about Robin Tindall

Richard Kohler

Events and Adventures

He helped me grow

"I have worked with Robin for 3 years now. He helped me grow The Freedom Paddle from a crazy idea to the biggest surfski race in SA and the 3rd biggest globally in 1 year. With Robin's help we have landed hundred of thousands of rands of sponsorship in this tight SA economy."

Mark Morris

Acumen MD

Sees the big picture

"Robin has the unique ability to see the big picture and break it down it small actionable steps that can be delegated and managed. Digital marketing is often so fragmented. Robin is able to pull it all together."

Michael Reed

Networking Specialist

Simple practical steps

"I have heard Robin speak many times. His ability to break down complex marketing concepts into simple practical steps is unique. He challenges your way of thinking and leaves the audience with tools they can implement the same day and see positive results.  "

Spend 100 to Earn 1000

There is no guarantee that you will earn your grand inside of a month. But there is a far greater chance that you will earn a grand inside of a month by following this programme than there is if you did not follow this programme and hoped for the best. 

Imagine training for your first marathon. You could pull on your old shoes and head out the door for a jog on weekends. There is a chance you would be successful in your goal and finish the marathon. 

But how do you think your chances of success would improve if you followed a programme put together by an experience coach? If every time you trained you knew you were doing the right session at the right time for maximum results. 

Which approach is more likely to give you an return on investment?

You could do the same with your business. You could save a hundred bucks and try and  figure things out alone. And lets be honest, it's not that hard. Just like completing a marathon is not that hard. 

But with a programme by an experienced coach, finishing the marathon is easier, with fewer or no injuries, and less time wasted on training that does not move you forward.

It just makes sense to spend 100 bucks to follow a programme that will make sure you are doing exactly what is needed to get the result you want, that GRAND!





  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 30 day refund option

50% Off: Course Launch Discount


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you buy this programme, watch it start to finish and apply the principles but you are still not satisfied with the content or the results you can get 100% of your money back.

But success does not come easy. If you are training for a race, you know you need to show up for each training session, you need to listen to your coach, take responsibility for the quality of the work you put and your performance on race day. Your coach cannot race for you. 

If you are looking for the business equivalent of buying the running shoes, hiring the coach and then expecting an Olympic gold medal 2 weeks later, then this prgm is not for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so cheap?

R99 is super cheap for an online course. That's less than $7. Most online courses are several hundred dollars. This is quick starter course. It is only 14 lessons and 1hr 20 of material. While I have been teaching, mentoring an coaching for years, this is my 1st online course. For these reasons, and because I want to empower as many people as I can to earn online and not make price a barrier, I have priced this course 10 times cheaper than it should be. 

Am I guaranteed to earn a grand online?

No. Let me explain why. I love working with athletes who own or run a business. That is because they know, at the end of the day, their performance is up to them. They know they need to show up to training, do the work, have the right frame of mind and take responsibility. Building a business is the same. 100 people can all be given the same training and the same resources. But only a few will take advantage, take responsibility and make a success of it. 

I already have a business, is this for me?

Most likely yes! This prgm teaches basic business fundamentals. If you have a business but it is not doing as well as you would like it do, or you are considering launching a new product or service, then you will get immense value from this prgm. 

Is this a long involved programme? I don't have time.

You can complete this programme inside of 2 hours. It is only 14 lessons and 1hr 20 of material. If you do all the exercises properly it will take you 2 weeks to complete doing an average of 30min of work per day. The aim is get you to earn a grand online in one month. 

Can I get a refund if I am not happy?

Absolutely. But before you ask for a refund, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself honestly if you have applied yourself fully. This is a not get rich quick scheme. This is a pgrm to teach you the basics of building a business and getting it started. If you want a paint by numbers, no brain power needed,  click here, then click here recipe to generate a grand online then this is not for you. If you want to take the 1st steps to building a sustainable and scalable online business, then this is the prgm for you. 

Do I need a product to sell first?

No. The entire second module of this prgm is dedicated to finding and creating the perfect product to sell to a hungry eager audience. All this prgm requires of you is enthusiasm and follow through. 

earn your 1st grand online Programme



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 30 day refund option

Let's get really honest

I have 3 goals here.

  1. Help as many people as I can find the business success they want. 
  2. Generate an income for myself and my family so we can live the life we want. 
  3. Get better and better at creating content and programmes that help me maximise goals 1 and 2. 

I really want to help you so that I can help myself. It's a win win situation. My success is 100% linked to your satisfactions and the results I help you achieve. 

Lets work together for your success and mine. 

Robin Tindall

STill not sure?

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