October 16

How to turn the question “What do you do?” into a lead generating tool.



Do you have a method of communicating with customers when they ask the question, “what do you do for a living?” At Lead Genius we like to call this exercise a “Talking Logo.” A tool that can be useful in helping you connect with potential customers who are interested.

Stage 1

1.Frame the scenario 

This is the stage where you bring clarity to others on what it is you do.  A person may approach you and possibly will pop the question, “what do you do for a living?” How do you reply? A good way to answer this is by framing the question then proceeding with a simple explanation on what your profession exactly is. Eliminate all confusion to help phrase the question and invariably get a positive response. They get you, there is an understanding. If you detect that this is not the right person who really shows an interest in you, simply provide a standard answer, “I’m a …..(doctor, plumber,etc).” and leave it at that. But if they do show promise, they have passed the initial test. This is an encouragement to go to stage two.

Stage 2

1.The Formula

This stage incorporates a formula which consists of…

1. Action Word

2. Mention of a target audience

3. Solution

Looking at a scenario may help explain what is being spoken about.

Example: “You know how marketing can be confusing, overwhelming, a bit of a gamble, sometimes receiving a return on your investment. The person sort of catches your drift, now is the time to tell them your story! Lead Genius helps small business start-ups and some medium businesses create a steady flow of leads to their business in 30 days or less without takeover welm.


Alright what has been done is that we’ve thrown in an action word, ‘I help, I show.’ There is also a target audience, your niche market; “We’re targeting small business start-ups and some medium businesses.” We’ve shown our audience what we’re about and how we do it. This is creating a steady stream of leads for the business. Finally we have placed a metric (measurable) amount, “in 30 days.” The given time frame is a hook to keep everyone interested. 

This bonus pointer isn’t always necessary but it does give you bonus points without tech overwhelm. It’s about a scapegoat, enticing people to join your group by stating that you can assist in solving their problem of pain and you don't have to use all the technology out there.

Stage 3

1.What do you do after that?

Stage two is talking to somebody but if that’s not enough, if that person is more enthusiastic and it appears they may be an ideal customer for you, they might answer the question for you! Invite these people a little bit deeper and give them your ultimate strategic position. Something along the lines of we install a scalable, repeatable, marketing system that generates a steady flow of leads month-after-month that is easy to understand and can be turned on and turned off as you need it.


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