October 7

Just launch! It will never be good enough so why wait any longer?


MVP, minimum viable products. This phrase is lifted from a book called The lean startup. It means focus on what's important and not to procrastinate by focusing on activities that will prevent you from achieving your intended goal. We’re going to change this abbreviation slightly and refer to it as the ‘minimal viable product.

1. Take the leap with your MVP.

When you have a project to complete and you are trying to achieve perfection first time around, hold up. Remember you may envision in your head where you want to be but the people you employ to do the work for you will not have that vision. They will only see what the standard of what you produce and they are not going to have a point of comparison. This means that what they produce for you looks amazing to them however you might say otherwise. “I prefer this sort of layout, I wanted this there, I wanted it to sound better, etc.

You're seeing all of this and perhaps you are hiding behind your procrastinating bounds of achieving perfection rather than pushing it out into the market and getting feedback on it before going too far. Remember ‘Fail Fast’ (Checkout another video for more info about this) 

This concept of an MVP can be applied to many things. Your logo, catchphrase, website or products. Get things to a point where it's not quite good enough to sell but you’re going to sell it anyway. It sounds crazy but assuming that it’s not good enough to sell yet probably means it's outstanding and ready for your potential market. Bear that in mind, make something fast using high-speed implementation. Put MVP and high-speed implementation together and come up with an idea to test, build, get your product out there quickly. 

Now you can get some money kicking in from those and you can pay to evolve your Logo and improve on that product. Do this in stages; you don't have to come up with a final product that's perfect off the bat. Version one is absolutely fine.  What's Great is your audience then goes on a journey with you, following your evolution. They become more invested, loyal to your brand because they feel that they are part of the evolving process. People enjoy imperfections.


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