April 1

Why giving yourself a “boss” is a great success hack.



After working hundreds of small businesses, I have identified possibly the most important step a business owner can take when it comes to achieving success. Give your self a boss. If you are not accountable to anyone then it just becomes too easy to not achieve tasks, and hit deadlines outside of client work. Accountability is key. 

This blog will give you insight on:

  • Why an accountability system is important.
  • Issues that occur without an accountability system
  • How to introduce this into your business model

1. Why an Accountability system is important.

As an entrepreneur, you are the boss! As the boss you are hold other people accountable all the time, whether it be staff members or suppliers. But who is is holding you accountable?

A business owner who is accountable to a board of directors will immediately see a difference. The change in productivity will be alarming, but in a good way. You will find yourself prioritising important tasks with a sense of urgency knowing you will have to report to the "boad" sooner or later. 

2. Issues that occur without an accountability system

When you do not have any sort of accountability system, it is very difficult for an individual to stay sharp and keep to a daily plan to tackle proposed projects. Large companies have a board of directors. The board holds the executive staff accountable to deliver on what the business needs. 

For example; you want to initiate a project. It could be anything from designing a website to completing an accounting spreadsheet. You set a due date to complete the project but unless you are an incredibly self-disciplined person, you are going to stretch the deadline, rendering it meaningless. You need to be accountable for your work, so having a system or someone holding you responsible to produce the work by the proposed due date brings reinforcement and ensures that you stick to plan.

3. How to introduce this into your business model

In order for your business to thrive, it is essential that you ingrain an accountability system and how you do that is not difficult. It is as simple as having a person that you communicate with regularly and can check your progress. This individual can be anyone you deem appropriate for this position. It can be a consultant, a person who has mentored you, your coach or a friend whose advice you trust.

When you have work to be done by a certain date, communicate with this person (whoever you decide to choose) and inform them of your deadlines. They will be able to check in with you when due dates are approaching, kickstart you back into action if you are idling they will make sure you are tackling the important & noteworthy things needing to be addressed. 

Remember, work on your business and NOT for your business!


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