October 17

Why it’s so important to have a 10 000ft view of your business


The 10000 ft view of your business! It’s important that you have this perspective and insight on what is happening in and around your business. It can be seen as a 360 degree view; observing your surroundings. What’s going on in the market and what are other businesses/industries doing? This ensures that you are switched-on, adapting to changes and more importantly,seeing new opportunities.

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1. Example.

In the video, our chief consultant, Robin Tindall is on top of Lion’s Head in Cape Town, South Africa. If you are not looking behind him, you will not see the giant Table Mountain. Maybe you’re staring out to sea, somewhere in the background is Robben Island. It all appears fantastic, plain sailing meanwhile something could be sticking out behind you.

2. Importance.

It’s really important as business owners that you have perspective and keep your heads out of the business. Be aware, adapt, give strong leadership and guidance to staff and your clients; give them the service they’re after!


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